The following is information for actively listed talent with QuickBook.

This is for anyone that qualifies age 12-15 Canada and U.S. - it is a contest show you may enter to play.

We are reaching out because we have a big opportunity for young people!

We are Now Casting 12-15yr olds Nationwide for an epic feel good adventure series called "KARMA" on the new streaming platform, HBO MAX!


We are looking for OUTGOING, COMPETITIVE & SMART KIDS who will compete in physical and mental challenges and have the summer of lifetime!

This show comes from JD Roth of GoodStory Entertainment, who produced shows like The Biggest Loser and Masterchef,

and was the former host of Endurance, the Emmy nominated teen adventure competition series.




Please share the link below with the parents and kids so they can apply! I'm here to answer any questions you may have.

Due to recent events, we will not begin production until it is safe to do so.




Now Casting 12-15yr olds HBO MAX - KARMA